Travel: Before the Trip

There are key steps that you can take that can better ensure a great trip and ensure that you get the intended value out of the trip.

Air Travelers

Know what the baggage limitation is for your air carrier. The regulations do change. Check the carrier’s web site or call the carrier’s reservation phone number to quickly find out the limitations. This simple step will allow you to avoid expensive baggage charges. Consider having FedEx ship your skis, golf clubs or luggage. You don’t have to carry them to and from the airport. If you will be on an early morning flight look into the Park and Fly packages offered by many hotels close to airports. Most include a night’s stay, free shuttle to and from the airport and 7 nights parking at the hotel. The total cost is often less that a week’s worth of parking at the airport lot.

Hotel Travelers

Take any documentation that you have that shows the room that you booked. This can be very helpful in working with management if the room does not measure up to the documentation. Be careful about the valuables that you plan to take along on your trip. Valuables that you can’t replace are best left at home. Room safes can be broken into so are no guarantee. Your best bet is to have valuables kept in the hotel’s vault. Homeowner’s insurance will typically cover theft of valuables although coverage limitations and the deductible will apply.

International Travelers

Before traveling to another country check that country’s passport and visa requirements. Visa requirements do change. Tahiti requires the passport to be valid for at least three months beyond the date of departure. South Africa requires two blank pages in the passport. It only takes a few moments to check the consulate’s web site. To be sure, make the check yourself…any advice you received from a travel agent may be out of date. If you feel there could be any issues print a copy of the requirements to minimize any issues or misunderstandings. Make a color copy of your passport and laminate it or store it in a see-through zip-lock bag. A copy of the first page of your passport is extremely valuable when completing forms or registering at hotels while your real passport is safely stored.

Take a collapsible cooler that can be stored in an outside pocket of your checked luggage. Hard-sided ones can be filled with clothing and used as part of your checked luggage. You can fill them up with ice and beverages when you get to your destination and save money.

Road Travelers

Take a cooler. Stocked with ice, drinks, snacks and picnic items the cooler will save time and money on your trip.

All Travelers

Buy your sunscreen at home where you can pay half the typical gift shop cost.Purchase some basic snorkel gear, to avoid expensive rentals.

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