Travel Problems: After the Trip

You can take steps to make sure that the problem is communicated and to receive compensation to cover the financial loss.

Presumably, you complained at the time that you experienced the deficient service. Regardless, you need to move forward with these thoughts in mind:

  • Take the complaint methodically up the organization and then outside of the organization.
  • Keep all documentation until you see your credit card credited or the check is cashed or you have received the confirmation from your attorney general and there appears to be no recourse.
  • Begin to document every step you take in communication with others.
  • Note the date and time of any communication and for phone conversations the name of the person with whom you talked.

    Call a customer service number if there is one or an administrative or management number. These can most often be found at a company web site. Note the date, time and person you talked to. State your case unemotionally and concisely. Work through the problem with the person. Discuss next steps that they will take or you should take.

    Don’t dismiss an opportunity to make another phone call with a person who may be able to help. Their customer service area may give you the name of a vice president who wants the problem rectified for you and wants to know what is happening out there in the field. If it seems all is helpless then indicate that you are ready to write a letter to the attorneys general of your state and the state where the company is located (it’s best if you know this when you call) but tell them that this would be a hassle and you are hoping that you won’t have to…kick in a sense of exasperated emotion for good measure. By mentioning “attorney general” you may galvanize and energize the person to address your complaint or allow you to speak to somoene higher in the company who can provide remedy.

    One final step is to contact the attorneys general and document your complaint. Go to the state web site or do a search on the state name and the term “attorney general”; this should take you to the attorney general’s web site at that state; look for complaint processes; then send them any documentation. Copies should be sent to the company. Later, if necessary, dispute the charge with the credit card company and indicate a willingness to share with them any of the correspondence that you had with the attorneys general.

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