Adding Value For Your Employer (and Yourself)

Maybe Asking For a Bonus is Better Than Asking For a Raise

Adding value for your employer and protecting your income might mean not asking for a raise. If you are at the top of your pay level for your position consider asking the company to give you a bonus instead. By getting a bonus it allows you to get compensated, reduces risk of your salary being a stand-out, and it allows the company to reduce benefit expenses for benefits tied to salary.

Communicate your Worth

Make sure that decision-makers above you, including your boss, know what it is that you are doing. Be subtle. Praise your team in meetings for finishing a project early, share praise from a client with your boss.

The Bottom Line

We all add value by helping, directly or indirectly, the company to generate revenue and profit. Some jobs are easier to consider as expenses, or costs (to be cut), while others are easily treated as revenue producers (to be kept). You want your organization to consider you and your work area to be revenue-producers. Help to foster that impression by brainstorming and sharing ideas with your management on how you and your area could generate more revenue.

Share cost-cutting ideas with your boss, such as a change to switch to a lower-cost vendor, or moving work in-house that used to be outsourced. Be someone your boss associates with cost reduction.

At the very least, management will see you as an employee focused on the bottom line.

Teach Others

Share your expertise. It shows you are versatile, and it shows your value to the organization, not only in the knowledge you share but also that you are flexible to contribute in many ways. Consider hosting a brown-bag lunch or a workshop for your colleagues.

Be Visible

Be in the office and be visible. If you telecommute or have a flexible schedule, still make a point to show up regularly, even if the visits are brief.

Be visible to the overall organization by attending company events. Introduce yourself to upper management. Copy upper management when forwarding praise that you have received from a client.

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