A Framework for Your Job Search

These themes can provide you with a good framework for your job search.

Be the Solution to an Employer’s Problem

Package yourself as a solution. Think of yourself as a consultant to the company. Be careful not to give out the “been there, done that” attitude. You need to appear excited about everything. And don’t assume that because you’re older than your peers, you know more than they do.

Bring Skill Sets to Your Employer

Skill development matters. Get fluent in technology. Only 30% of workers ages 55 to 70 have pursued additional training to help keep their skills up to date for their current or future jobs. Ask a tech-savvy friend to get you up to speed, or find a community college class that covers the basics. Know how to apply the latest technology to your prospective job.

Network and Build Relationships to Find Your Employer

Network. It’s critical to bypass the résumé submitted online and connect directly with people in the industry or company you’re targeting. Your offline networking should include attending as many industry and professional conferences as possible; target your alumni organizations. A good deal of networking has moved to the Internet, so if you haven’t signed-up for LinkedIn, do so immediately.

Connect with Your Employer at the Interview

Make the cultural connection. Interviewers will judge you based on your looks. Invest in new clothes, get a new hairstyle and find some stylish glasses. Perception can be everything,

Bridge the Past to the Future

Don’t expect to replicate your old job. And don’t overestimate the value of your experience. No employer wants to be given the impression that they’re lucky to have the chance to hire you. Frame your past as something that will solve future problems.

Minimize Risk

Practice interviewing.

Be Mentally Fit

Keep your brain fit. For example, enroll in continuing education or take learning vacations when possible. The quest for continuing learning is good for your brain.

Be Practical

Bottom line: Retirement security is challenging, but a mentally fit, creative thinker can find solutions. And that’s a practical strategy.

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