Cheap (and Fun) Travel

When you are planning your next getaway and you want to minimize the cost here are a few key ways to save.
Groceries instead of Dining
Dining on the road can be expensive. Moreover, meals on the road tend to be loaded with fat and salt.
Pack a cooler with healthy snacks, such as fruit, baby carrots, cheese

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Air Travel – Save Money

Air travel expenses are a substantial portion of total travel outlays. Try to be flexible and search for the best fares.
How to Find the Lowest Fare
Travel Time
Flights with stopovers may be less expensive.
Downside: additional travel time, increased probability of lost luggage
Day of the Week
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are usually less crowded flying days and, as

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Travel Resources

Travel Tips
Visit the free Playbill Club to get half-price theater tickets in New York and other U.S. cities without standing in line or waiting to buy tickets the day of the performance.
Visit from any internet caf√© to upload your pictures while you’re on your trip if your camera’s memory card becomes full. The

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Lower Your Travel Costs – Ideas to Save Money

Compare Travel Costs
Compare the cost of travel at the locations you are considering.
Use the U.S. Department of State Office of Allowances web site at to get a handle on the cost of lodging, dining and other costs at thousands of locations around the world.
The site is updated constantly, is accurate and has the costs

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Travel Problems: After the Trip

You can take steps to make sure that the problem is communicated and to receive compensation to cover the financial loss.
Presumably, you complained at the time that you experienced the deficient service. Regardless, you need to move forward with these thoughts in mind:
Take the complaint methodically up the organization and then outside of the

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Travel: Before the Trip

There are key steps that you can take that can better ensure a great trip and ensure that you get the intended value out of the trip.
Air Travelers
Know what the baggage limitation is for your air carrier. The regulations do change. Check the carrier’s web site or call the carrier’s reservation phone number to quickly

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Travel Problems: On the Trip

When we travel we’re usually heavily engaged with the¬†service industry. We may not always receive the level of service we expect or deserve. If you experience a service problem while you are traveling here are a few guidelines to help you get the problem resolved:
Complain immediately.
Complain right away if you believe that you did not

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How to Rent a Car – Car Rental While Traveling

It does happen that weeks after a rental car is dropped off in good condition the household renting the car receives a bill for damages.
This can be a bad surprise and, if mishandled, can replace the good memories of your ravel experience.
The safest way to reduce risk of a bad surprise from your rental company

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How to Purchase on the Trip – Purchases While Traveling

Some key steps taken while traveling can avoid costly problems from occurring.
When making purchases on your trip there are steps that you can take to have greater assurance that your purchase will arrive home.
These steps can help you avoid loss or incurring additional expense:
If you are contemplating a purchase during the trip don’t have items

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How to Book a Trip and Save Money

Booking a trip is a key moment in the travel planning process. This is when you need to make sure you have not overlooked important considerations that can cost you money.
Never pay by cash or check. Always pay by credit card. Travel agencies do go out of business. This is one very simple way to

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