Prosperity: Improve Cash Flow

The Prosperity Quadrants

The Prosperity Quadrants

The journey to prosperity starts with a positive cash flow. So Prosperity Trek has steps to increase income and control spending.


These are steps to manage your career and maximize your earning potential.  This means taking full advantage of the benefits your employer provides, including a 401(k) match.

The cash that flows within your “cash flow” flows from income. Your income can come from numerous sources:

  • self-employment
  • employment for an employer
  • income from a pension
  • income from your investments, such as an annuity or
  • withdrawal from your investments

Earning strategies include maximizing your earning potential, improving your skills and enhancing your value to an
employer. Other earning strategies include utilizing your investments to augment cash flow so as to minimize taxes and
maintain a well-allocated, diverse portfolio.


These are steps to reduce spending in categories such as auto expenses, food (including tips on grocery shopping), energy and housing – basically every spending category.

Savings Program, Debt Reduction and Investments

Having a positive cash flow means that you are able to accommodate your commitments. Certainly this means your day-to-day living expenses.  However, it also means being able to fund long-term saving programs, reduce your debt and allocate funds toward investments.


Saving steps help you to create an emergency cash fund.  They also help you establish a permanent and systematic savings program.

Debt Reduction and Investing

Once your savings program is in place Prosperity Trek focuses on your debt reduction and investing. By living within your means, having a savings program, reducing any debt and investing, you are well on your way toward prosperity, and the sense of contentment, fulfillment and happiness that comes with it.